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How To Find The Best Dentist In Your Area

Have you moved to a new area and you’re finding it hard to select a new dentist for your family? I recently moved into Louisville Kentucky and needed a dental treatment so I thought I’d share my process of finding a good local dentist with you. Try Several Dentists If we are in the habit [&hellip

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Vertical Jump Program For Preventing Jumper’s Knee: Vert Shock

Today I want to open my post with something that is dear to my heart and that’s basketball. As an ex basketball player I’ve always looked for ways to increase my vertical jump, the problem is I’ve always had what’s called a jumper’s knee. There might be some people that haven’t heard about the jumper’s [&hellip

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Yo what’s up people of the modern world? Welcome to my little blog where cool things like health, training and a grain of anthropology meet together. Right now the blog is a bit empty and boring but don’t worry, it’s in the midst of becoming a lively great resource and once I finish the evolution [&hellip

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