Today I want to open my post with something that is dear to my heart and that’s basketball. As an ex basketball player I’ve always looked for ways to increase my vertical jump, the problem is I’ve always had what’s called a jumper’s knee.

There might be some people that haven’t heard about the jumper’s knee, it is a common term that athletes use to describe the situation when there is extreme swelling of the area around the knee. A new vertical jump program called vert shock can be very useful to fight against the jumper’s knee and can prevent any discomfort that is caused by it.


Basketball tendency to develop Jumper’s knee

What is The Jumper’s Knee and How Vert Shock is Related?

jumpers-kneeThe jumper’s knee is a common name given to the situation where there is severe swelling on the area surrounding the knee caps and the main reason for this is the extreme involvement in activities like jumping without any professional aid or approach.

The doctors prefers to call this jumper’s knee patellar tendinitis and once an individual is attacked by this, they advise him to spend the days without engaging in activities which put pressure on the legs.

Is Jumper’s Knee A Severe Condition?

The jumper’s knee can be counted as a severe situation as the pain that the victim experience is beyond something that normal people can imagine.

The situation leaves the victim in such a condition that he cannot walk properly or even bend the knees in any way. Hence it is advised to implement a professional approach in improving the vertical jumps to avoid any accidents that can put the training off the charts for few weeks.

The best option to train for higher vertical jumps is Vert Shock which provides the athlete with a lot more than just the basic set of exercises.


High vertical jump; a view from above


The Solution

As mentioned earlier, the solution is a new revolutionary training program called Folker System Vert Shock (named after Adam Folker; a basketball player who developed the system), a system which provides a professional touch to the whole training session of improving your vertical jump.

I became known with the program through the success rate people many people were reporting, including people who suffered from the jumper’s knee.

This system is quite essential to implement as more and more individuals who tend to increase the height of their vertical also tend to score more.

Vertical leaping is a necessity for basketball players because basketball players need to jump high to score and overcome the defence and even to deny the opponent’s chance of scoring by blocking.

The following section holds a few key points that can be found in the manual or should be present in other programs to prevent any injuries.



He probably knows a thing or two about jumping

The makers of the Vert Shock program (Adam Folker and Justin Darlington Jus fly) knew that not every person has the same amount of stamina and will power, hence this program is flexible and athletes can manipulate the schedule and level of the program according to their fatigue level and other things that need attention before starting off with a new program.

Everything is Explained

Sports injuries take place because many athletes doesn’t know the proper way of doing things and they end up hurting themselves by doing a particular exercise in a wrong manner.

Vert Shock has concentrated materials that provide a detailed view on the instruction that are to be followed and the steps which can be used for proper execution of the exercises.

Vert Shock is very useful in attaining an amazing vertical leaping ability without getting any sports injury and the best part is that the results are similar to perfection as a detailed view of how things are to be done is provided.